Ceramic - Landscape Practice

2018 - 2019

As it was fired in the kiln, an unexpected straight-to-curve shape transformation occurred. This conversion shows the same unpredictable but consistent action like the earth’s force on its surface.

I like climbing stairs since I was little. Repetitive form of the stairs lead the repetitive movement of my body. I like the charisma of the one-way direction. I used to climb the stairs like a robot for a while.

This practice starts with the exploration of the relationship between water and earth as necessities in everyday life as well as fundamental compositions of the planet. Water always exists around us as an essential human needs, and earth is an elemental foundation where we reside in. Besides the close dependence on those materials and the human world, the natural force of water and earth has existed as itself on the planet in a perceivable and an unperceivable way.

The subjective experience and understanding of nature makes  the nature inextricable from our individual life.

High spirit brought by a symmetry

Unfamiliarity brought by a symmetry

the upper part of the work is shaped by bending a thin and light sheet of metal like a paper, and the lower part is three of the long and sharp  quadrangular pyramid. The meeting part between the two is technically three little small dots. However those three points are attached together like a powerful magnetic field existing.